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From the Atlantic windswept beaches of the Algarve to the bustling city streets of Lisbon and through the north up to the stately bridges of Porto, Portugal has a lot to offer as a destination. But when it comes to the food and drinks in Portugal, where are the perfect spots to sample the best Portuguese dishes? This guide from will look at our top 5 places for food and drink in Portugal 2019.

Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri sauce is a blend of Piri Piri chilies, lemon, oil, garlic, and salt used as a marinade for meat, usually chicken. Although it originated in Portugal it spread throughout the world – most significantly into South Africa… the birthplace of Nandos and their Peri-Peri chicken. Whilst Peri-Peri chicken originates from the Portuguese dish of Piri Piri, they are different which is why trying an authentic traditional Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken should be top of your list!


Opened in 1964 in Guia, Algarve, you would be hard pushed to find a more authentic and traditional barbecued Piri Piri Chicken dish. The chicken is grilled to absolute perfection with light crispy skin and juicy, mouth-watering marinated meat inside. An absolute must for any foodie. Located in the region of Albufeira which is famous for its caves, coves, and sandy beaches, Enjoy some charcoaled barbecued Piri Piri Chicken in the Algarvian sunshine.

25 de Abril 14 8200 – 433 Guia, Portugal +351 289 561 232

Bacalhau Fresco

bacalhau food and drink in Portugal












Situated on the Atlantic Coast, one of the main industries of Portugal is fishing and that is reflected in its local cuisine. The Portuguese on average eat the most fish per person in all of Europe, meaning they certainly know how to rustle up a great fish dish!

Bacalhau Fresco literally translated means fresh cod, not be confused with only Bacalhau which is dried and salted cod. Whilst Bacalhau Fresco can be served hundreds of ways, one of our favorites are Croquete De Bacalhau which are fried croquettes made from potatoes, herbs, and fresh flaked cod. 

Bacalhau Porto

And where better to try Bacalhau than the riverside city of Porto. Where the docks, port, river, and harbor are the heart of its network. 

Bacalhau Restaurant prides itself on serving fresh traditional Portuguese food and we weren’t disappointed. Their Croquettes De Bacalhau were the best I had ever tasted: crunchy and crisp on the outside and packed with the lightest feathers of fresh cod, potato, and onion on the inside. Located on the riverside bank of the Duero River, you can watch the water of Porto sail by beside you, as you tuck in. 

Muro dos Bacalhoeiros 153- 55 4050-080 Porto – 222 010 521 960 378 883

Caldo Verde

caldo verde food and drink in portugal

Caldo Verde is a traditional dish from the North of Portugal. Simply described it is a broth made from potatoes, kale, salt, and olive oil with spiced sausage added at the last minute. This is the heart of Caldo Verde but every home will then add further ingredients such as perhaps garlic, ham or even lemon to give their Caldo Verde its own unique twist. Normally served by the Portugues during celebrations and festivals it is usually accompanied by home-baked cornbread. 

Taberna Subura – Braga

Braga is home to the heart of Portugues religion and is a wonderful city to explore, and it is also the home of Caldo Verde. Therefore what better place to dive into a bowl of steaming hot soup! Taberna Subura is located in the heart of the city and with its low prices, traditional cooking methods, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere it is a great way to enjoy Caldo Verde.

Rua Dom Frei Caetano Brando, 101 Braga, Portugal – +351964254144


Portugal is an upcoming trendy wine destination and even to the untrained mouth, it’s easy to see why. Many connoisseurs may look to neighboring Spain or into France or Italy for a wine tasting holiday, but the Douro region in the north is said to be the oldest wine region in the world. And not only can you explore the region by car, but you can also have a wonderful river cruise sampling local wines as you go!

Pipadouro Vintage Wine Travel

Whilst it is not a cheap option, if you are looking to taste the best wine the city has to offer along with experiencing a luxury river cruise then Pipadouro Vintage Wine Travel has the perfect option for you. Booking experiences vary along with prices but you can tailor make your own winery journey along the river through the historical wine valley of the Duoro region. 

Details can be found at:

Pastel de nata

pastais de nata food and drink in portugal

Known as the Portuguese Custard Tart these pastries are a little slice of heaven. Light filo pastry stuffed with a creamy rich egg custard filling and finished with a light dusting of cinnamon – it is nearly impossible to stop at just one!

Originally created by Catholic monks sometime during the 17th century in the parish of Belem in Lisbon. During the 18th century, the monks began to sell them in a nearby sugar refinery – which is still open today!

Pastel de Belem

They still use the same traditional secret recipe of the monks and they are regarded as the best in the world. Located in the Belm district which is also home to monuments, museums and gardens – pop into the Pastel de Belem and pick up some Pastels de Nata and take them to go for an exploration of this great district of Lisbon. 

Rua de Belem 84 a 92, 1300-085 Lisbon Portugal  Tel: +351213637423


As you can see, Portugal is a great destination for any food, wine or dessert enthusiast. Not only is it a country steeped in history, heritage and tradition; it has crashing coastal landscapes, green grape filled valleys and bohemian humming city streets. It is also home to a wonderful range of mouth-watering dishes, crisp fruity wines and melt in your mouth desserts. We believe with our best Portuguese dishes you will be in for a culinary delight.

Join us in Portugal in 2020 or use our concierge service to help round out your next trip!

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